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KABC-TV/DT Los Angeles is located in Glendale, California.  The address goes along with the abc7 theme:  500 CIRCLE SEVEN DRIVE.  Originally located in Hollywood, the ABC7 BROADCAST CENTER relocated to Glendale into new facilities with new sets and equipment.  From the 5 Freeway, you are able to see a large sign bearing a simple abc7 logo and a LCD screen advertising LIVE Doppler 7000 and the time and temperature.  Click here to read a complaint about a "big blue sign" abc7 put up outside their Broadcast Center... 

KABC is the ABC owned and operated flagship station on the West Coast.  It includes programming from the ABC Television Network along with the station's own programming in the early morning and certain hours on the weekends.

Get a glimpse of the ABC7 Broadcast Center, before the move from Hollywood, and what it looks like now at Glendale, right here.

ABC7 is known for its and highly rated newscast, "Eyewitness News".  Throughout the average weekday, ABC7 produces 5 hours of Eyewitness News, totaling 6 newscasts (33 hours of news a week).  ABC7 Eyewitness News stands out among the rest of Los Angeles's news stations.

Some great aspects of ABC7 is that it is the only station with a LIVE DOPPLER radar.  Two AIR7 helicopters bring the station BREAKING NEWS every weekday.  In addition, ABC7 has a certain catchiness to it, ranging from the graphics, the way news is reported, even down to the high impact news theme; ABC7 creates a lasting impression on the viewer, making him or her return as a viewer.  There are pictures of Studio 59, where Eyewitness News is produced.

ABC7 has a brand new website, which now includes a VIDEO ARCHIVE of Eyewitness News, all accessible at the ABC7 Front Page.

See ABC7's Schedule to stay up-to-date with what's on TV right now!

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