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Two AIR7 news helicopters are piloted Monday through Friday by Scott Reiff and Desiree Horton.  In Los Angeles, it's important for a news station two have at least 2 helicopters because there is always a high speed police chase to follow or a wildfire to fly over--sometimes at the same time!  Whenever Eyewitness News has breaking news, you can bet that they will have AIR7 flying above it sending abc7 a LIVE feed.  In addition to breaking news, Reiff and Horton provide aerial photos for the backdrops during the weather forecast and sometimes for the closing of a newscast.

During the day, Scott Reiff gives LIVE traffic reports to the ABC owned FM station in Los Angeles, KLOS 95.5.  Known as "Scott Reiff the Sky Lord," Reiff gives insightful reports that only 20 years of flying experience in Los Angeles can give. 

Having the unique perspective of breaking news from a helicopter's point-of-view is something that many viewers take for granted.  What most don't realize is that AIR7 has the cleanest picture/transmission to abc7 compared to other LA stations that have a fuzzy or choppy signal.  Sometimes competing stations have an awkward angle during police chases, for example, where viewers try to find a channel that has a better quality picture--which is usually found on ABC7.  Many other LA stations have poor quality helicopter feeds resulting in dropped transmissions and static that sometimes drowns out the pilot's reporting. 

Lastly, "looks" are everything in the Los Angeles market.  Station branding and keeping the station image (or theme) evident to the public is always a top priority.  AIR7, in my opinion, is the best looking helicopter in LA.  Either right underneath it, or from a long distance away, AIR7 is highly visible and recognizable.  The white abc7 logo among the red and blue color theme (along with the words, "Eyewitness News") stands out among the other LA station helicopters that tend to only simply display their news logo.  However, both sides of AIR bear the same image and the "belly" of the helicopter has the circle seven logo. 

All in all, I believe abc7 has a great station image which is not only displayed during their newscasts, but is also reflected on the helicopters that captures news high in the sky.

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Here are pictures of Scott Reiff and his helicopter:

Scott Reiff w/ air7 in Background  Scott Reiff & air7 at the ABC7 Broadcast Center Helipad

Only @ abc7LA can you see full size pictures of N67TV:

Side profile


air7 flying on a beautiful Southland day!

air7 on approach

air7 covering breaking news

air7 in the distance

air7's belly

Computer Generated AIR7






















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