Steven King's Kingdom Hospital
"Thy Kingdom Come"

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, March 3rd, 2004

 Wednesday, March 3, 9/8c -- Two Hour Premiere, "Thy Kingdom Come"

Artist Peter Rickman is run down by a stoned, two-time loser driving a minivan. He is admitted comatose to Kingdom Hospital, but not before encountering a ghostly figure whose mission is to use him to rid the hospital of malevolence, both human and inhuman, and to free its nine-year old mistress, Mary, from the hospital's haunted halls.

When he awakens in an altered state with newfound but not necessarily welcome telepathic powers, Rickman finds he can communicate with the spirits, good and evil, man and beast, inhabiting the hospital.

Mrs. Druse, a patient with psychic gifts, is the first to hear the cries of the trapped ghost and attempts to persuade brilliant, eccentric surgeon Dr. Hook to join her quest to identify it.

She is opposed in this effort by the hopelessly arrogant and mean-spirited chief neurologist Dr. Stegman, and the ebullient but vacuous hospital administrator, Dr. Jesse James, who is concerned only with the hospital's image.

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