Guiney to Appear on 'Bachelor' This Fall

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ABC: America's Broadcasting NetworkNEW YORK- It's no joke: Bob Guiney, the funny man who was rejected on "The Bachelorette," gets to choose from 25 aspiring wives on "The Bachelor" this fall.

The 32-year-old mortgage broker from Ferndale, Mich., made it to the third round of ABC's dating competition before Trista Rehn sent him home. Rehn ultimately picked firefighter and part-time poet Ryan Sutter, whom she plans to marry on television this fall.

But Guiney developed a sort of cult following for his goofy, fearless humor - or, as ABC phrases it on its online casting application, "Women everywhere fell head over heels for his charm, wit and warmth and now we're giving you the chance to marry him!"

Guiney has appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" several times since "The Bachelorette" ended in January, and has signed a book deal with Penguin.

On Sunday May 18th, the third season of "The Bachelor" ends with a two-hour finale scheduled for 9pm on ABC7. Andrew Firestone - heir to the Firestone tire and wine fortune - must decide whether to give the last rose to Jen, a 26-year-old account executive from Chicago, or Kirsten, a 23-year-old shopping network merchant from Tampa, Fla.

Firestone and the woman he chooses will make their first public appearance as a couple on "The Bachelor: After the Final Rose," @ 9pm, May 21st on ABC7. The runner-up also will discuss her rejection.  BACK TO THE TOP