Neighbors See Red on Big Blue ABC7 Freeway Sign

Although not strictly in Northwest Glendale, the NWGHA (Northwest Glendale Homeowners Association) has taken an interest in efforts by members of the Rancho Homeowners Association who are trying to ameliorate the impacts of the big blue KABC7 at the interchange of the 134 and Golden State Freeways.

In a meeting held June 10 at KABC, Rancho residents and NWGHA officers described the negative impacts of the sign, which looms over the Rancho neighborhood. Comments focused on the intensity of the lighting, the height of the sign and the way in which the sign was approved by the city. Residents and city officials asked KABC to take steps to reduce those effects. Those mitigation measures might include dimming the sign, eliminating or minimizing the read-a-board, limiting the hours that the sign is lighted and lowering the sign. Channel 7 has promised to respond to the group shortly.

Attending the meeting were KABC station manager Arnie Kleiner, Vice President, Predevelopment of Disney Imagineering Ed Chuchla, NWGHA president Peter Fuad and vice president Lawrence Kalfayan, Homeowner Coordinating Council president Carole Sussman, Rancho homeowners president Joanne Hedge, other Rancho residents, Glendale City Manager Jim Starbird and Director of Planning Elaine Wilkerson.

Summer 2002