Below are the 11pm Eyewitness News anchors, Marc Brown and Michelle Tuzee.  The picture quality isn't the best, and Tuzee looks a little blurred...sorry!  Anyways, take a look at the set...the huge glass abc7 logo behind the anchors is lit by a black light underneath it (you can barely see it by Brown's elbow) and behind that is the skyline of good ole Los Angeles, of course, with the all blue scheme (can't go wrong with that).  On the news desk, each anchor gets his and her "stack" of scripts (which sits in front of them) and his and her own TV monitor/computer (w/ keyboard) built-in to the desk.  I believe there is a large monitor that they both share in the middle.  The edge of the news desk is made of glass, and you can usually hear the clanking during the newscast, but it's not annoying nor distractive.  What's interesting is the black microphone sitting in the front middle of the news desk.  I think it's fake because there is no wire connecting it.  When there is a double shot of the anchors, the camera always get the three lights under the news desks.  It makes it look really neat!  When it comes to LA news, presentation is EVERYTHING, and ABC7 has it down! 

Note: both anchors are required to wear their circle seven pins (blurred in the picture, but they are those gold circles on the anchor's coats...see a picture here)

MBrown and MTuzee: ABC7's Main Anchors