Remember, ABC7 has 3 main teleprompters on the floor during the newscast (refer to the Eyewitness News studio web page); this angle obviously coming from the far right.  As pictured, here is Marc Brown, Michelle Tuzee, and the sports anchor Rob Fukuzaki (great last name!)  This picture was taken during the holidays, which is the reason for the holiday poinsettias.  The camera is wide enough to capture the edge of the news desk and part of the chair Fukuzaki is sitting in.  In this wide angle, you can see how big the Los Angeles backdrop is and how big the news desk is.  Remember that there is an additional seat on Brown's side, making this ABC7's largest news desk.  The news desk itself is straightforward, sleek, and look great!  I think there is a smaller TV monitor built-in for Fukuzaki at his seat.

MBrown, MTuzee, & RFukuzaki